A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac, situated where tendons or muscles cross over bones, joints or other muscles. It acts as a cushion at these pressure points and reduces friction. When the bursa becomes inflamed it is called bursitis. The most common form of bursitis is in the shoulder, but it can also be in the elbow or knee area.

Traditional treatment is usually rest and ice packs to help relieve the pain, but an effective, although not too well known treatment, B12 intramuscular injections (not in the bursa, however), may be more effective. The protocol calls for 1,000 mcg daily for 7-10 days, then three times a week for two or three weeks, depending on progress. This regimen should give you relief in a few days. For best results, keep to the frequency of the protocol.


Bursitis is often caused by repetitive action or constant positioning of the body, such as kneeling or putting one's elbow on a desk.



DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) DMSO will penetrate the skin quickly and relieve pain and inflammation.


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