ouch a toothache!


Acupressure Press gently but firmly on the sides of either index finger opposite the base of the fingernail.

Cloves Place two drops of clove essential oil on a sterile cotton ball; place the cotton ball against the aching tooth between the tooth and the cheek until the pain subsides.

  • Place a whole clove between the aching tooth and your cheek. It can be held in place by holding your finger on the outside of the cheek. Chew the cloves a little to release their juice, then leave them in place for half an hour or so or until the pain subsides.

Salt Combine two tablespoons of salt with one cup of boiling water; take a mouthful of water as hot as possible and slosh it around your mouth near the tooth; repeat as necessary.

Tea Suck on a teabag. Place it as close to the aching tooth as possible. This remedy compliments of Lisa Simmons.

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