Yeast Infections


After showering use a blow-dryer set on cool to dry your vagina.

Don't use soaps with a fragrance as the fragrance can be irritating to sensitive skin.



Garlic, either in tablet, liquid or capsule form, taken with each meal, is effective against yeast infections.

Grapefruit seed extract This extract is a powerful all-around antimicrobial product and is an excellent disinfectant. Start with one drop daily and gradually build up to 5 or 6 drops per glass of water. By starting with small doses the die-off rate of the pathogen is slower and the body is better able to adapt to the toxins being released.

Lactobacillus, found in yogurt, should be the foundation of any protocol for yeast infections, especially for those who have been on antibiotics. Of course, get natural, unsweetened yogurt, as regular commercial brands contain sugar which the yeast feeds on.

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