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  1. clearly labels advertisements that appear on its website. in no way endorses or guarantees any product or service advertised on
  2. does not accept animated ads, pop-ups, cgi-enhanced banners, "click- here" ads, or other CPU or bandwidth intensive ads.
  3. accepts images for the Photo Display Ads. Images uploaded via the web site are renamed and resized according to the image requirements outlined here.
  4. reserves the right to revise, edit or reject any advertisement deemed to be objectionable, or to edit copy and publish it under it's proper classification. Submission of an advertisement does not consitute a commitment to post the advertisement. Posting of an advertisement does not consitute an agreement for continued posting.
  5. New products/services may be advertised for one month free with the purchase of any advertising package. New Product ad will appear in a special section at the top of each Category.
  6. Advertisers agree that any consumer dissatisfaction with any product or service advertised on is the responsibility of the advertiser. Complaints received by may result in an advertisement being discontinued without compensation to the advertiser.
  7. Advertisers on must agree to protect and indemnify against any and all damages, liability or expenses incurred from claims of libel, infringement of trademarks, copyrights, patents, etcetera, and any other claims because of any advertisements appearing on
  8. maintains a "no refund" policy on advertisements.
  9. Rates and specifications of advertisements are subject to change.
  10. will not disclose to advertisers or potential advertisers any confidential information with respect to its users or hosted sites, including email addresses or other personal information.
  11. Advertisements must be paid in advance for a minimum of a one month period. Advertisements can be purchased on using MasterCard, VISA, or American Express credit cards. If an individual has a problem with a credit card purchase, they are advised to contact
  12. collects statistical information with respect to the number of visits to its web pages, but does not guarantee a certain number of hits to advertisers. does not guarantee to any advertiser the effectiveness of advertising on



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