Dry Skin

If you are on a low or no-fat diet, add some of the essential fats, such as omega-3 or omega-6. These are important for many body functions. Start by taking one or two tablespoons of cold-pressed flaxseed oil every day. You can add it to a blender drink, such as a smoothie or shake, or in cottage cheese. The omega-6 fatty acids are found in evening primrose oil (take 500 mg three times daily), black currant seed oil, and borage seed oil.

Your normal reaction to having dry skin would be to moisturize it. That is true, to a point. Many moisturizers, however, are water or alcohol-based, which will actually dry out your skin. Use an oil-based moisturizer instead.

Underlying Disease As A Cause

One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism (low thyroid) is dry skin.



Avocado oil Rub this oil on the afflicted area.

Coconut oil Rub this oil on the afflicted area.

Emu oil is excellent for dry skin problems. Apply twice a day.

Sesame oil Use on damp skin and let it soak in. It helps relieve sore, dry skin, flaky skin. Use regular sesame oil, not the roasted Oriental type.


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